No need to speed at 200 mph to experience the driving emotions. Do not mix the adrenaline rush and the pleasure of safe and easy driving with the feeling of being closer to the limit. Those are very different things, that you have to do in separate moments and occasions.The first occurs in your daily life. For the second one, you have to go on the track!” Prisca

Il libro

 Piero Taruffi – The Silver Fox
by Prisca Taruffi

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Excerpt from the preface of The Silver Fox by Candido Cannavò

“All that amount of adventures and success happened before Prisca’s arrival in this world. But the care, the love, the relentless research of testimonies, the incredible number of hours spent to listen to stories or rummaging in archives, make the pages of this book a marvel of freshness and interest. Between Prisca and her father there must be a magic link, thus the ineritance of Prisca’s talent and passion of sports. Give this young woman a car and she will dash once again beyond the border of adventure. It is Piero Taruffi’s spirit in a woman of a different age.
I must be grateful to Prisca and thank her to have brought me back to that time, poor but burning of desire and the will of rushing towards far dreams.
This book, dear Prisca, does not only honour your father, but an Italian of whom we can all be very proud.”

Rome, March 25 2006